justice-smiles-gold-large.pngJonah Spangenthal-Lee of Publicola has an interesting crime report posted at the end of last week. Police Evict Occupy Seattle Protesters From Central District Home is its title. The meat of the story is as follows:

Seattle police have begun cracking down on small bands of Occupy Seattle protesters who have begun Occupying vacant homes around the Central District.

[and] …

Since Seattle Central kicked protesters off campus, PubliCola has heard that more protesters are looking to occupy vacant homes around the city.

Now adverse possession could apply if Occupy Seattle lasts for 10 years. That’s unlikely, but any good lawyer has to do a quick ‘raise and dismiss’.

More likely is that these vacant properties are going to have claims against them for any personal injuries occuring while Occupy Seattle interlopers trespass. If your land adjoins one of these properties, it would be advisable to have your new-found neighbors keep off your land for the same reason. What do you think?justice-smiles-gold.png