gray-large.pngThompson v. Schlittenhart, 47 Wn.App. 209, 734 P.2d 48 (Div. I, 1987.03.18) – [Cause No: 17041-4-I] – upholds (a King County [Superior] Trial Court decision regarding a quiet title matter brought by Thompsons against the Schlittenharts who unsuccessfully claimed adverse possession to legal descriptions which overlap.



  • Land Type: City/Suburban
  • Water Feature: Not

gray-large.pngI spent the better half of last week at the annual conference of LSAW (Land Surveyors Association of Washington). While there, not only did I have the chance to listen to some interesting presentations, I was given the opportunity to give a presentation on adverse possession … twice.

As surveyors are often the people that identify the titular lines of property which on many