justice-smiles-red-large.pngThose of you living in the greater Los Angeles area in a serious dust-up with your neighbors might be interested in this; a casting call for which you may fit the bill.

 Is it hard to love thy neighbor?

Major network is now casting a brand-new documentary series that aims to resolve ongoing conflicts with your neighbor.

If you’ve run out of ideas to outwit, outsmart, or just plain survive the never-ending diatribe with your neighbor (or get them to find a new home!), we’re here to help! With the assistance of a professional mediator, we can turn your life – and your neighborhood – around.

If you or someone you know is engage in a neighborly tiff, please contact sandy@metalflowersmedia.com or log on to www.metalflowersmedia.com.

Suspecting that I may be receiving the spam equivalent of Ghostbusters’I’ve been slimed“, I called up Sandy to see if this is legit. She indicated that while her group is not at the point where they can disclose the network, chosen participants will receive compensation.

So, without providing endorsement (at least for the time being), I am passing this info along and leave it to those of you possibly qualified to consider pursuing this further as you deem appropriate. Good luck!justice-smiles-red.png