The Republican race only worsened by virtue of Trump’s widening margin after his coral of majorities yesterday in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii. [1] There appears to be potential room for Ted Cruz if Marco Rubio and John Kasich were to fall in line behind him … but they won’t.

Whereas Trump is otherworldly in a completely inappropriate way, Cruz is quite likely too far right to be a viable candidate in the general election. So, what might be the best way to get out of the morass?

If I had the power to wave a wand, I would convince Rubio to step in behind Kasich.

Rubio is young and had – as game theorists call it “defected” on his mentor Jeb Bush. At present, he faces the prospect of losing in his home state of Florida. To avoid this political nightmare, he should strike a deal with Kasich to serve as his mentor by taking him under his wing as the man he would declare his running mate.

The benefit of this would likely be to bring Rubio’s ties to the Hispanic community under a Kasich-Rubio tent.

With this tent constructed, one would then hope that Kasich and Rubio would together would  take down not only Florida and Kasich’s Michigan, but also Illinois – certainly in both Trump and Christie’s mind – the state which holds a mere “Second City.” To Rubio: “Think long and hard about it.”

You really ought to beware the Ides of March when those three states and North Carolina all have their primaries.

Trying to bet on an open convention is too low of a bar. Individually, you might not be able to cement your intended locks. Together, it just might work out. If so, start the lovin’ now. Because if you don’t, your respective state electorates might just pull a Love You Till Tuesday – i.e. next Tuesday, March 15 – at which time they will pitch you aside for Trump’s bromides. [1]

[1] See The New York Times results for the March 8 Primaries [HERE].

[2] See David Bowie’s Love You Till Tuesday [HERE].