NW Lawyer’s issue this month has an article titled: With Kings and Counselors, Bartleby the Doc Reviewer. In it Garrett Oppenheim compares the modern day life of a document reviewer to Herman Melville’s 1853 tale “Bartleby the Scrivener”. [1]

To clarify for non-attorneys, a doc reviewer is a lawyer who helps to determine which documents

I encourage anyone who (like me) didn’t attend Washington Supreme Court Justice Bob Utter’s April 29, 2015 memorial service at Washington State’s Temple of Justice to read the admiring words Judge Robert H. Alsdorf (ret.) had to say about Justice Utter as reproduced in the NWSidebar. [1] Below, please find some of the cut-out excerpts

gray-large.pngRisk is a fact of life. Some seek to avoid it. Others seek it out. Those that do the former might end up spending almost every waking hour yet in bed waiting for nightfall when they can legitimate shut-eye. Others might seek to hit the bounds of risk so hard that they end up like

justice-smiles-red-large.pngUniversity of Washington School of Law, Gonzaga University School of Law, and my Alma mater – Seattle University School of Law will be soon graduating their respective 2015 JD scholars.

Congratulations! You’ve come a long way and you better soak up every bit of your days in the sun that you can. Why? Well, it’s