I encourage lawyers to read the NWSidebar’s post by Perkins Coie’s Katie O’Sullivan titled: You’re a Hero, Toby Piering. [1] I agree!

Moreover, at slightly north of 300 words, you will get through it in less time than it will take you to reach over, grab, look at the cover, nod disapprovingly, and replace the National Enquirer back on the rack before it is your turn to pull out your groceries at the check-out line.

Basically, Mr. Piering was able to flip the ‘kill-switch’ of gearing up for litigation at a deposition when the opposing party went ill … . Ill with life threatening heart problems.

Well, Mr. Piering found the man and was able to put his first responder [2] skills to good use to assist in assuring that this man was well cared for until paramedics arrived.

Now, I suspect that there are a few out there who might scoff at this as being a self-serving piece which a white shoe firm is putting out to demonstrate its gentility. And you know what … that is exactly the point!

Though, I have no doubt as to the genuine intentions of Katie O’Sullivan’s piece. I think it might be appropriate to ask this question.

How do you think a firm like Perkins Coie became a white shoe firm in the first place?

I’m to believe that it is because Perkins Coie has a core set of values which attracts both great legal talent and clients.

As Mr. Piering illustrates, that caliber of people doesn’t deign to extend a courtesy to a ‘neigbor’ in need just because they may end up at different tables across from the judge in the future.

In fact, I should think Mr. Piering’s assist, which prompted thanks from both opposing client and opposing counsel, will actually benefit the client Perkins Coie is representing in the matter. As I have said before, it’s hard to sue someone who is your friend.

Your thoughts? I challenge you to differ! 

[1] Find the May 29, 2015 – You’re a Hero, Toby Piering post [HERE].

[2] Find my posts likening Surveyors to First Responders [HERE].