NW Lawyer’s issue this month has an article titled: With Kings and Counselors, Bartleby the Doc Reviewer. In it Garrett Oppenheim compares the modern day life of a document reviewer to Herman Melville’s 1853 tale “Bartleby the Scrivener”. [1]

To clarify for non-attorneys, a doc reviewer is a lawyer who helps to determine which documents

Yesterday, Curt Sumner had NSPS treasurer Bob Miller on his radio program. [1] Apparently, Bob is the first in a series Curt intends to invite on his show to get surveyors better connected with their leadership and as indicated in one segment to illustrate that leaders are really just normal people who are willing to step

Dear Prospective Neighbor –

My family and I look forward to having a positive relationship with you.

Feel free to stop over and say hello. If you go forward with plans to purchase …

We hope not to be strangers to each other, but want to respect your privacy.

We understand there will be times

Yesterday morning before going back to my realtor’s post, I received an email from Realtor Jeffery Menday [1] which instead of bragging about having sold this or that house provided something of great value for neighbors seeking to sell their house and the Realtors who are helping them in this effort. I republish the list