The 1952 movie titled A Quiet Man stars John Wayne. In this – the pub scene – John Wayne’s character who has returned from America to Ireland to reclaim his family farm is analyzed by moving though the five conflict-handling modes identfied by Thomas-Kilmann.

These modes are designed on a two-dimensional scale in which, Thomas-Kilmann place cooperativeness on the x-axis and assertiveness on the y-axis. The results are specifically:

  • Avoiding = Uncooperative + Unassertive
  • Accommodating = Cooperative + Unassertive
  • Compromising = Somewhat Cooperative + Somewhat Assertive
  • Collaborating = Cooperative + Assertive; and
  • Competing = Uncooperative + Assertive.

Kilman Diagnostics is a website which indicates it is “Dedicated to Resolving Conflict
Throughout The World.” Check it out to find an assessment guide and to learn more about that purpose. As noted above, competition is not the only way to address conflict.What do you think?