justice-smiles-green-large.pngBecause people in the main don’t tend to move up and down the economic strata and in and out of their homes, it apparently isn’t commonly recognized that there is an inverse relationship between Money and Neighborliness.

What does this mean, well think of a see-saw. Or if you would rather, the interplay between the price of bonds (i.e. fixed income) and interest rates. Specifically, as one goes up as the other goes down.

This is to say that wealthier neighbors are very big on independence, privacy, and asserting their rights. Less wealthy neighbors are more interested in the give and take of a neighborly relationship and sharing. Unlike the wealthy, they probably aren’t in a position to pay for security systems or at the really high-end of life … guards. 

Instead, people with a little less money often realize that it is in their best interest to negotiate and trade on their interests and to give and take. 

I recently heard a couple of stories about this. One was by a gentlewoman who had fairly recently moved from Magnolia’s East to West side. Incidentally, my office is located above the Starbucks right in the valley of the two in “Magnolia Village.”  

No, her situtation wasn’t quite West Side Story. [BTW, surveyor’s you might find that link of interest as it goes to PopSpots location finder for the outdoor places used for the Movie in Manhattan.]

Instead I heard the tale of how the existing neighbor suddenly turned rigid about something which though perhaps not completely trivial … certainly was an issue which many could deftly seek to work out and through if a good neighbor relationship was in place.

Oh, and incidentally it was the new neighbor who I had the conversation with who had invited the existing neighbor over for an initial get-to-know … not the other way around.

For those living in a less wealthy neighborhood, there is very apt Chinese saying which essentially says: A close neighbor is better than a neighbor far off. Heck, maybe that far off neighbor lived in the middle east because this same sentiment is identified in the book of Proverbs 27:10.

I know many people think that most people think that the ideal is to buy the smallest house in a wealthy neighborhood. I would suggest you think twice about that. Don’t get my point. Well maybe watch a rerun of The Jeffersons … although Louise was able to keep a happy outlook, George was always dour. It’s not all fun and giggles when you live next to people with whom you have little interaction.

Oh, and if you think that I am trying to keep people down on the farm with this advice … think again. This afternoon I had a quick chat with Ocean Alexander’s Tom Waugh who put it this susinctly. In 2 weeks in Asia, I made friends with more neighbors than I did in the 2 years living at my East Lake Union condo. This is why the world is much more smaller when you live overseas. In America, we simply resign ourselves to resign to our honeycombs after ‘working our jobs, collecting our pay … [because we are resigned to a state of] Slip Slidin’

What’s my suggestion, offer a beer to your neighbor over the fence or perhaps as you grill out. The weather looks like it will be great here in Seattle. TGIF, appreciate all of your relationships if you can … including those with your neighbors if you can. Sincerely.justice-smiles-green.png