gray-large.png Your adjoining neighbor has just listed their house. Assuming they are successful in selling their real property, two things are going to happen: (a) your current neighbor is going to be no longer living next to you and (b) you are going to have a new neighbor.

Regardless, if your relationship with your current neighbor

gray-large.pngThe Economist last week had an article titled: ” ‘Snot fair!“. This brief article in turn is based on an experiment conducted by Nichola Raihani of University College, London, and Katherine McAuliffe of Harvard which was written up in BiologyToday.

The experiment’s goal is to determine what triggers people to punish cheats. Is it based on a sense of

gray-large.pngBuck Harrison, the City of Bellevue’s Project Manager, shared an excellent opinion he authored which sheds considerable light on the difference between Boundary Line Agreements (“Agreements”) and Boundary Line Adjustments (“Adjustments”).

The specific call of the question Mr. Harrison posed 2011.07.15 was:

Does a parcel wherein the boundary lines have been altered pursuant to RCW 58.04.007