justice-smiles-red-large.pngThat’s right! The time has again come to slip in under the wire to another exciting Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington (LSAW) seminar. So what’s happening. Well …

LSAW’s Lower Columbia Chapter – right across the river from the Willamette Meridian – in Vancouver, WA is hosting this event to bring surveyors (further) up to


Potential encroachments are revealed half the time or more when surveyors go to conduct residential surveys, correct. But with the advent of technology’s big brother in the sky style aerial photography views and attendant technologies, isn’t surveying becoming an antiquated professional craft?

At least with respect to my corner of the world and how it relates


A survey is authenticated not by the fact that a surveyor’s stamp is upon it. This alone is inadequate.

In addition to the stamp, the surveyor must place his or her signature and the handwritten date of the survey’s completion across the stamp.

Notably, in the past the expiration of the surveyor’s current license (which must be renewed every