I am not the most faithful person when it comes to going to church. Nevertheless, my attempt is to get in a full rotation of three differing morning services … each Sunday!

OMG, that’s crazy thinks not only you but my family as well. Why do I do this?

Well, I found my work so

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich gives some treatment to ESP or as he calls it Telepathy.

Perhaps there is a distinction between these phenomenon that I am not aware.

As someone who has been quite literally “grounded” in the area of boundary dispute law for the last decade, like most I tend to

My blog posts in large part have been focused this month on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

This book’s introductory chapter is styled: “The Man Who “Thought” His Way into Partnership with Thomas A. Edison.”

Well, this morning’s news about the Con Edison explosion in Queens, NY had me thinking that I ought

Yesterday, I recorded one of the last stipulated judgments of my career as a boundary dispute attorney. The woman seated at the recorder’s desk was pleasant enough.

When she asked what it was that I was recording, I told her that it was likely the last judgment I would ever record from an adverse possession

When I was studying Chinese in Taiwan over two decades ago, one of the lessons related the story of the  lead monk who had all sorts of events befall him.

I think the first had something to do about a wild horse that came upon his property; his neighbors exclaimed he was lucky.

The second

Imagine enlisting a couple of buddies to go on the journey of a lifetime in pursuit of a dream which is going to require the sacrifice of the greatest each of them have to give.

How many people would go on this adventure? Now, add to it that there is a fair chance that it

At Church this morning, the pastor indicated that his folks have property in Maryland’s Appalachia where the Amish also reside. He then spoke to the fact that a draft horse had the ability to individually pull 8,000 lbs.

His question was then what is the amount that two draft horses together can pull. The answer

When I lived in China, I had an expat friend who made this pithy note: “May you always be able to look a little further beyond the horizon than your neighbors. But, may it not be so far beyond that you can’t point it out to them.”

I thought that this was some sort of

Today, I sent out an application for employment. Just one. I’ve found that this works best.

I applied to only two colleges. One for which I wasn’t serious, but rather because I was encouraged by a friend. I got into both. I went to Colorado College.

For law school, again I applied to just one