black-big.pngThough I have been an inactive bloger since early April, the Washington Legislature and the Governor have been busy. In addition to wrestling with the hard decisions attendant to Washington’s budget, our leaders have continued to work on the adverse possession bill. And guess what? De de le daa … with two clicks you can view it from here!

I believe this

black-big.pngEarlier today, after improving Adverse Possession Substitute House Bill 1026 by rightfully vesting the power to determine equity with the Courts, as opposed to fact finders, Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1026 was passed handily. For those who are curious, please find the roll call here and overall bill history here. Now onward to the

black-big.pngAfter the initial House Judiciary Committee Hearing on 2011.01.13, Assistant Minority Floor Leader Rep. Matt Shea (R) of Spokane’s 4th Legislative District offered Proposed Substitute HB 1026 – now SHB 1026. Its stated effects were as follows:

Changes the standard of evidence for adverse possession claims to “clear, cogent, and convincing evidence.” Requires adverse